TWRC Newsletter Manuscript Submission Guidelines


  • We are looking for a handful of regular writers / artists to contribute to Wilde Times throughout the year. We will consider any worthwhile proposal; however, what we are most interested in is creative fiction, photography, web comics, and articles / columns of interest to writers and writing teachers.
Submission of
& Prose

We are looking for writing from a variety of concentrations. We are most likely to accept these:

  • Art - We prefer traditional, but will consider digital.
  • Photography - All subject matter will be considered.
  • Poetry
  • Prose - Fiction, Nonfiction, & Literary / Scholarly / Scientific Essay

However, if you believe you have something that does not quite fit into one of those categories but will be of interest to our readers, by all means submit it for consideration.

Should you choose to submit work for consideration, we would appreciate greatly if you would follow these few simple guidelines:

1: Please have your work reviewed by someone before submission. This will provide a first audience who should be able to tell you whether or not what you have produced has merit. After all, while we would love to publish all works given to us, we do not want to publish pieces to which our audience will not respond well. I once read a lamentation by an art student whose painstakingly detailed (and, frankly, beautiful) creation was almost failed at the end of the semester while another class member was given an A simply because she had painted some nonsensical symbol using poop. And, while I am a fan of poop, that does not constitute good art.

2: Please have someone edit your work. We simply do not have the time to edit each piece of writing nor crop each piece of art that comes our way. We tend to shy away from dealing with writers who have copious mechanical errors. If you do not care enough about your work to spend the time to make sure that it is well presented, then neither do we.

3: Submission of work You may email work to this address: editor -at- or send poetry and prose pieces through the form below. If submitting by email, please simply include poetry and prose in the body of the email and send image files as attachements. Please double space poetry and prose and send images with obvious names. nxxjd.jpg.exe is a very, very bad name.

Wilde Times Submission Form

E-mail address

Paste submission below.

4: Length. If your prose piece is longer than 2500 words, about 5 typed double-spaced pages, please send only the first couple of pages, and if we like it, we will contact you for the rest.

Pricing and Payment

Payment is made upon acceptance. Work is usually published one to two months after acceptance.

Payment Schedule:

  • Art - $10.oo - $25.oo per piece. Price varies for collections.
  • Photography - $10.oo - $25.oo per piece. Price varies for collections.
  • Poetry - 25 per line. 50 per line of sonnets or other similar forms.
  • Prose - 3 per word for fiction. 3 per word for essay. 3 per word for non-fiction.
  • Other prices vary.

For Art and Photography, we buy first electronic rights. We may request other rights as well; however, additional compensation will be made should we purchase additional rights to your work.

For Poetry and Prose, we buy first electronic rights.

We reserve the right to archive your work on our site. We also reserve the right to publish work in an anthology for up to one year. If we decide not to use your work in an anthology, that right is released back to you.

We do not accept work previously published in any form. We also do not accept simultaneous submissions.